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Nose care

Good care and hygiene of the nose, especially during the cold season, can prevent many viral diseases, avoid colds or help you recover faster when you are already sick. Especially in the cold season and during the heating season, it is important to ensure that the nasal mucosa is properly moistened, because if the mucous membrane is dry, the viruses will "stick" more. Natural physiological sea water and preparations with D-panthenol and vitamin A are best suited for moisturizing the nose, which moisturize and lubricate the nasal mucosa, promote its regeneration and accelerate healing in case of mucosal damage. These remedies will also come in handy when you have a runny nose, because it moistens the nose and clears it up faster and easier.

In this category, you will find preparations for the care of the nose of both adults and children from well-known manufacturers, which will allow you to properly take care of the nasal mucosa not only in winter, but all year round. You will also find here preparations for stopping nosebleeds.

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